Man-Thing (vol 1) #2 FN

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"Nowhere to Go But Down" - Richard Rory, down and out loser, was minding his own business while camping in the Florida swamps when he accidentally spills coffee on an alligator. The gator, naturally attacks him, which prompts the Man-Thing (who had been silently watching Rory) to rescue the man from his reptilian attacker. When the Man-Thing finishes killing the gator, Richard tries to get the Man-Thing to administer first aid to his injuries but he blacks out due to blood loss. When he comes out of it, he finds that the Man-Thing is gone, but has been replaced by a woman named Ruth Hart. Ruth has patched Richard up, and when Richard asks her about the muck-monster, she tells him that she saw him there alone. She tells Richard that she needed to find somebody to stop people from killing her and has elected Richard for that job.