Marvel Team-Up featuring Spider-Man and Nighthawk (vol 1) #33 FN

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When returning home, Nighthawk finds that his apartment is being robbed by the Looter, who steals a meteor fragment from Nighthawk's private safe before fleeing. Reviewing his private library, Nighthawk learns of the Looter's past and of his previous battle with Spider-Man.  Coincidentally, as Nighthawk searches the city for the Looter, he comes across Spider-Man, who is out trying to find the Scorpion. After an accidental collision, Spider-Man agrees to help Nighthawk find the Looter. As Nighthawk goes to the prison to learn how the Looter managed to escape from jail, Spider-Man scours the city to find their quarry.  Nighthawk learns that Norton Fester was a model prisoner, until one of his fellow inmates jeering about Fester being a loser caused him to lose his temper, reactivating his super-strength and allowing him to escape. Spider-Man, however, doesn't find much more than a strange religious cult that worships a man named Jeramiah in his searches. However, the Looter gets the drop on him soon enough.  During Spider-Man's fight with the Looter, the Looter manages to get the best of him and escape, and the arriving Nighthawk saves Spider-Man. Angered that the Looter got away, Spider-Man lashes out at Nighthawk and calls him a coward, upon which Nighthawk strikes Spider-Man. The two part on bad terms, and Spider-Man leaves to continue his hunt for the Scorpion. While the two heroes depart, the cult's leader Jeramiah arrives to his followers and tell them that Spider-Man is a symbol of modern-day evil that must be destroyed.