Marvel's Greatest Comics starring the Fantastic Four #34 VG

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Reprinting Fantastic Four #47Reed and Sue help Triton back on his feet while Ben and Johnny go after the Dragon Man. Meanwhile back at the Great Refuge, Black Bolt has returned to reclaim the crown taken from him by his brother, the troubled Maximus, who has been running the Great Refuge like a latter day Prince John during King Richard's absence. The Fantastic Four have found a way to track down where the Inhumans have disappeared to, and soon show up in the Hidden Land, much to the delight of Crystal. Before another fight can start between the two groups, Black Bolt lets them know that if they depart immediately, there will be no ill will. Before they leave, Reed wants Black Bolt to know that they cannot stay hidden forever, and are welcome to live among the humans. Meanwhile, in the dark dungeons of the palace, Maximus has secret plans of his own!