Mighty Thor (vol 1) #253 VF

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After defeating the troll Ulik in a bitter battle for the ruby eye of a legendary dragon, Thor learns why Ulik is so desperate to gain the trinket. The trolls have accidentally broken open a portal to the realm of a powerful creature named Trogg. The ruby is the only way to seal the gateway again. But Thor has promised to give the ruby to all-knowing Mimir, so that Odin's whereabouts might be revealed. All of Asgard hinges on his successful return of the ruby. To solve the dilemma, Thor offers to help Ulik defeat the creature. Then he can return home with the ruby and help the trolls at the same time. But Trogg is stronger than the two can handle, so Thor sacrifices the ruby to seal the portal. As he leaves empty-handed, he is taunted by the trolls, who consider him a fool for making such a sacrifice for enemies.TALES OF ASGARD: THE WEAPON AND THE WARRIOR!A back story in this issue is the conclusion to a battle between a young Thor and an ogre. The opening scene has Thor magically trapped in the rock from the waist down. The Ogre stands over him with a boulder and Mjolnir under his foot. With his own strength Thor shatters the boulder, calls his Uru hammer to himself, and blasts the rock out from both of them. Falling into a cave, they battle to a stalemate. The battle ends with a good laugh from the combatants. And the young Thor comes away with the lesson, "It's the WARRIOR, not the weapon, that wins the battle."

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