Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe (1983-1984 Marvel) #6

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Character/artist listing: Kang by Brett Breeding; Kang's Timeship by Eliot Brown; Karkas by Ron Wilson; Karma by Bob McLeod; Karnak by Sandy Plunkett; Karnilla by Walt Simonson; Ka-Zar by Brent Anderson; Killer Shrike by Jim Shooter; Kingpin by Frank Miller; Klaw by John Byrne; Knights of Wundagore by Mike Mignola; Krang by Sal Buscema; Kraven by John Romita, Sr.; Kree by Keith Pollard & Eliot Brown; Kro by Paul Smith; K'un-Lun by Jo Duffy & Eliot Brown; Leader by Sal Buscema; Lightmaster by Rudy Nebres; Living Laser by Mike Zeck; Living Monolith by Mike Grell; Living Mummy by Bret Blevins; Lizard by Kerry Gammill; Lockjaw by Bob Budiansky; Loki by Walt Simonson; Machine Man by Herb Trimpe; Madame Masque by Bob Hall; Madame Web by Bob Hall; Madrox by Kerry Gammill; Mad Thinker by John Byrne; Maelstrom by Paty Cockrum; Maelstrom's Minions by John Tartaglione; Maggia by Bob Budiansky; Magneto by Paul Smith; Makkari by Ron Wilson; Man-Bull by Ed Hannigan; Alien Races by Paty Cockrum. Ed Hannigan/Joe Rubinstein cover. Cover price $1.00.