Parts Unknown II: The Next Invasion (vol 1) #1 VF

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Detectives Pendleton Spurr and Maria Lucci are now part of the city's elite, top secret undercover operation known as U.C.D. Their assignment: to solve cases that require an unorthodox...and extraordinary...approach. The Scalon leader has for the past two years taken on the persona of Miles Lanson, CEO of Lanson Corporation and likely candidate for President of the United States. Lanson Corporation is the perfect base of operations for the Scalons. It's the largest telecommunications company in the world. And in this world, information is power. And power is what the Scalons are after. When numerous missing persons cases are filed and all points lead to the Lanson Corporation, Lucci gets an undercover job there, posing as an executive secretary; Spurr, meanwhile, works a stealth mission from outside the Lanson walls. Written by Beau Smith, with pencils by Brad Gorby. Painted cover by Brad Gorby. B&W, 32 pg. (And here's a teaser for the unpublished issue 2: "Maria Lucci learns the dark hidden side of Miles Lanson as she works undercover in the Lanson offices. That's just the problem...the alien leader wants Lucci undercover all...under his covers." But's a teaser for the unpublished issue 3: "Spurr and female super cop Helen Wheels find themselves embroiled in an in-your-face with some of Miles Lanson's deadliest alien thugs. Spurr and Wheels are the last hope for Spurr's girlfriend Sarah Lark, who is in the clutches of Lanson's lustful advances. Meanwhile, Maria Lucci has her hands full with the devilish plot that Cynthia Barr has thrown her in...and all the while, the Lanson political machine cranks into high gear, trying to get the leader of the Scalon invasion elected President of the United States.") Cover price $2.95.