The Amazing Spider-Man #282

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After a mean hit from the Rhino in the last issue, Spider-Man struggles to make his way back to his Chelsea apartment, and eventually collapses through the skylight entrance and blacks out on the bathroom floor. Mary Jane, after a night out with Alfredo, sees the news of Flash Thompson's escape from jail on the television news and leaves her date out in the cold, catching a cab to Peter Parker's apartment. Scared that he will be frantic over Flash's jailbreak, MJ finds Peter in full Spidey-gear passed out on the bathroom floor and after a brief panic, helps him into bed. Meanwhile at the Daily Bugle, Joe 'Robbie' Robertson is discussing Flash's disappearance and Spider-Man with J. Jonah Jameson when a television commercial for the group X-Factor comes on, promising to 'handle' any mutant...