The Amazing Spider-Man Annual #14 Newsstand Edition

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"The Book of the Vishanti" Guest-starring Doctor Strange. Script by Denny O'Neil. Pencils by Frank Miller. Inks by Tom Palmer. Cover by Frank Miller. Doctor Doom and the Dread Dormammu conspire to bring the Bend Sinister phenomenon to Earth's dimension! And the Master of the Mystic Arts is the only person who understands the great evil that now threatens the planet! However Doom and Dormammu's earthly pawn captures Dr. Strange with a surprise attack in Greenwich Village! But before the good doctor goes down, he sends forth a psychic flare for any superhero available in the Big Apple! On this moonlit night, there is only one hero present to answer the call: the Amazing Spider-Man! The web-slinger usually deals with modest villains and small-time criminals; but tonight the wall-crawler tangles with the heavyweights! Earth's precarious future lies in the hands of your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man! (Notes: This issue features outstanding artwork by Frank Miller and Tom Palmer. This story was reprinted in Marvel Tales 200 and also in the (1994) Complete Frank Miller Spider-Man.) 48 pages Cover price $0.75.