The Avengers #170 VF

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The Avengers are at their mansion when Hank Pym and Wasp arrives with Jocasta robot, created by Ultron to looks like Janet. Meanwhile, in Attilan, Quicksilver and Crystal were talking when he suddenly disappear. Also, in NY streets, a young boy called Vance Astrovik was playing baseball when a truck almost run over him, but he is saved by Charlie-27, who is watching over the kid with the Guardians of Galaxy, because they will need him in their future. Back to the Avengers' Mansion, suddenly Jocasta gains life and tries to get out of the mansion. Vision tries to stop her but is fight back by her powers. Then Yellowjacket and the Wasp tries to make her go back to her room, but Jocasta is unstoppable. The Beast and Wonder Man are also defeated by her. When Thor arrives and throw his hammer into her body, Captain America stops him with his shield. Iron Man then tells everyone that if they follow Jocasta, she would led them straight to Ultron.