The Avengers Annual #11 NM

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"In Honor's Name!" Guest-starring the Defenders. Script by J.M. DeMatteis. Pencils by Al Milgrom. Inks by Jack Abel and crew. Cover by Al Milgrom. Nebulon has been exiled to Earth! And the Celestial Man simply cannot stand it! He needs a new plan to escape from this world...and after a chance meeting with Thor, the long-time foe of the Defenders might just have one! Meanwhile, Supernalia (another alien from Nebulon's homeworld) has detected the Celestial Man's diabolic plan and enlists the Beast, Gargoyle, Valkyrie, and Silver Surfer to stop Nebulon...and the Avengers if necessary! One thing leads to another, and in the majestic Himalayan Mountains, the Mighty Avengers and the Dynamic Defenders throw down just like they did many years ago! The Wasp vs. Gargoyle! Thor vs. Valkyrie! Captain America vs. the Beast! And the marquee matchup: Iron Man vs. the Silver Surfer! As the blockbuster battles rage, a critical confrontation takes place: Nebulon vs. Supernalia! What's the connection between these two extraterrestrial beings? And why do they want to destroy each other? The star-spangled avenger and the Beast discover the truth first! But it may be too late to save the world and the ten souls fighting on top of it. A bittersweet ending for Earth's Mightiest Heroes. Death of Nebulon. Cameo appearance by Wong. Flashback cameos by Doctor Strange, the Hulk, Nighthawk, and the Sub-Mariner to recap Nebulon's previous battles vs. the Defenders. Avengers Lineup: Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, and the Wasp. (Notes: This annual was published ten years after the first Avengers-Defenders clash. See Avengers 115-118 and Defenders 8-11. This issue includes a two-page text article featuring the Avengers' charter and by-laws.) 48 pages Cover price $1.00.