The Avengers (vol 1) #172 FN

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"Holocaust in New York Harbor!"

Hawkeye returns to Avengers Mansion to discover no one is home! Cautiously entering to look around, he leaves the door open. Agent Henry Gyrich chooses that moment to stop by and becomes infuriated at seeing the front door ajar.

At the convent, the Avengers and Ms. Marvel stand over the fallen body of Ultron. Jocasta and Captain America have disappeared with no explanation. Perplexed, the team returns to the mansion and Ms. Marvel accompanies them. There, they find Hawkeye and discover that he captured an "intruder": Gyrich. Freed by the Vision, Gyrich angrily revokes the team's security clearances and strips them of their special privileges.

Shortly after Gyrich leaves, Crystal calls to tell them that Pietro has vanished! Jarvis returns from jogging to relate that their old foe Tyrak is attacking the harbor. Iron Man divides the Avengers into task forces He sees the Vision, Scarlet Witch, Wonder Man, Hawkeye, and Ms. Marvel to the harbor; Wasp and Yellowjacket to the phones to call in any and all former Avengers they can get a hold of; Thor and Beast to be a backup team. He heads to the lab to investigate the disappearances.

Arriving in the harbor, the Avengers find Tyrak assaulting a ship. Wanda and Hawkeye get deposited on a Coast Guard Cutter. The heroes beat Tyrak when Vision uses his solar beams to dehydrate him. But without their priority clearances to request a special prison transport to pick up their defeated foe, they have no choice but to throw him back into the ocean. After a bit of flirting with Wonder Man, Ms. Marvel leaves. The Avengers begin walking home when the Vision suddenly disappears.

Back at Avengers Mansion, Yellowjacket and Wasp have managed to contact Black Panther, Hercules, the Whizzer and Captain Marvel (Wasp notes that Mar-Vell called them). However, the Beast has taken a quinjet! While Thor is out in Jamaica Bay fighting the Living Monolith. 

The conversation is being monitored by a shadowy figure from a far-away location. This unseen villain is shown to have all the kidnapped Avengers (as well as Moondragon, who hadn't been shown to be kidnapped) in suspended animation tubes.