The Avengers (vol 1) #229 VF

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"Final Curtain!"

Iron Man has unaccountably disappeared, but not before Tony Stark had finished designing a cerebral scanner helmet to determine whether Hank Pym's criminal actions were the result of mind-control. With Hawkeye's help, Jennifer Walters again becomes the She-Hulk, and at Captain Marvel's suggestion, the Avengers use Stark's device on the captive Shocker, thus learning of Egghead's scheme and Hank's true predicament. Meanwhile, while supposedly completing Egghead's work on a machine to extend the human lifespan, Hank has actually created a device that surrounds him with an impenetrable force field and grants him various electro-mechanical powers.

By the time the Avengers arrive at Egghead's suburban base, Hank has single-handedly defeated all of the Masters of Evil. Hawkeye steals into the house's secret lab in time to witness Hank's victory over Egghead, and when the defeated villain attempts to shoot Hank from behind, the archer fires a shaft plugging his blaster, which explodes, killing him.

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