The Brave and the Bold presents Batman and Wonder Woman (vol 1) #105 FN

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Cover by Jim Aparo. "Play Now... Die Later!", script by Bob Haney, art by Jim Aparo; When Batman happens to be at the scene of a fight between two rival Spanish groups in the middle of Gotham City, he enlists the aid of Wonder Woman to help him find the cause of the warfare on Gotham's streets; They soon find themselves involved in a local conflict over the liberation of the Spanish nation of San Sebastian; Helping the revolutionaries, they help smash a plot by the corrupt leaders of that country that involved smuggling parts for fighter jets into the country. After defeating the mastermind behind the operation, Batman turns over the parts to the rebels. Letters to the editor from comic editor Bob Rozakis and comic artist Duffy Vohland. 36 Pages, Full Color. Cover price $0.20.