The Incredible Hulk #111

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Shanghaied in Space!On a spaceship, an alien crew are devastated that their plan to destroy Earth has been foiled and their giant android Umbu has also been destroyed. In order to avoid annihilation by their leader, The Galaxy Master, the aliens decide they must bring him the person responsible for ruining their plans. A device called the Titan Time Probe is sent to the Savage Land, where the events above took place, to capture said person. Meanwhile in the Savage Land, Ka-Zar carries the still body of Bruce Banner out of a cave and mentions how (in the last issue) Banner was gravely injured while stopping the aliens Planet Destroyer machine. Ka-Zar lays Banner down in a clearing and goes off with Zabu in search of herbs that can cure him. However while the Lord of the Jungle is away, the Titan Time Probe finds Bruce Banner and carries him off to the alien ship. Ka-Zar and Zabu return to discover Banner gone and follow the giant footprints of the Titan Time Probe to the outer reaches of the Savage Land and into Antarctica. But the footprints disappear into the air and the pair are unable to follow. Back on the spaceship the aliens see Banner and are amazed to discover that Umbu was defeated by a puny powerless human. Banner is almost dead and as the Galaxy Master demands a living victim, the aliens place him inside a resuscitator machine to bring him back to life.Elsewhere in an army base on Earth, Major Talbot and General Ross decide to resume their search for The Hulk. Contrastingly in a nearby hospital, Betty Ross and Rick Jones are concerned about the whereabouts of Bruce Banner. On the spaceship, Banner recovers and is now awake so the aliens take him to their Brain Beam device in order to learn how he foiled their plans. The beam reveals that Banner is a brilliant scientist and he stopped the Planet Destroyer by figuring out how to deactivate it. As Banner’s brain holds no memory of The Hulk’s activities, the aliens don’t discover his alternate identity....