The Incredible Hulk #325 VF

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The Hulkbusters, SHIELD agents, Doc Sansom, Bruce Banner and Betty Ross are at the funeral of Carolyn, former Hulkbuster member who had died in a battle with Doc Sansom. They start a little argument about her death, blaming each other.Bruce is under observation by SHIELD agents during the night.General Ross is receiving energy from Zzzax with SHIELD supervision, to become an agent capable of defeat Hulk.During that night a creature looking like Hulk destroys one truck. The SHIELD wants to hire Doc Sansom to look after Bruce's behavior. Then a SHIELD agent start to punch Bruce in the face, trying to make him angry and become the Hulk, but nothing happens.Again during the night a green giant almost like Hulk shows up at the Base destroying everything. The soldiers follow him but when they finally reach Bruce alone in the dark, they realize he isn't the creature. It is not the Hulk who destroyed the Base, but another green giant.This other Hulk grabs Bruce and jumps away.