The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (vol 1) #4 VF

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Trapped in the catacombs beneath the River Thames, aided only by the psychopathic Hawley Griffen and the snarling storm of rage and hatred known as Edward Hyde, Miss Murray and the legendary Allan Quatermain endeavor to retrieve the wonder- metal Cavorite from the remorseless devil-doctor who rules Limehouse. Meanwhile, in the shadow-kingdom of the League's Victorian spymasters, the identity of the mysterious Mr. M is finally and shockingly revealed.The League Of Extraordinary GentlemenThe League work as a team for the first time and succeed on their very first mission together. Or at least that is what they think. There seems to be more going on they they know and if looks like Hawley Griffin is on to it.Allan and the Sundered VeilAllan Quatermain fights off a morlock with a monkey wrench but not before the creature tears apart the Time Machine. As they fall they are "attacked" by a creature of time and geometric shape.

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