War of the Gods #1

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We start out in a jungle surrounding, deep in the amazon. the opening scene includes the return of circle, who explains her plan to unleash Hellfires web. Next we see a small character explaining his plan on how he is to release the, God of Panic. We hear of a disturbance in the atmosphere. Everyone in the universe can see it but no one quite knows what it is. Meanwhile on a parallel storyline there is an alliance that is being formed by mysterious characters. again in another sub-plot, A small island called Themyscira, home of the amazons, a female tribe that have been left at peace for millennia. The sisters of amazon are in a debate on weather to get involved with the disturbance, this is where we introduced to Wonder Women. Wonder women is later summoned to New Olympus. the home of the gods. The heart of the universe is in carnage and is out of control. thus causing vulnerability. The daughter of Hades gets led into a trap when we learn that the unnerve of the atmosphere is down to, superhero's being used for a dark evil, they are being exploited by an unknown force to wage The war of the gods. The small group of Gods and the small group of possessed Superhero's, including captain marvel, are gathered at New Olympus to wage their war. While this battle is commencing, the evil witch Circe has resurrected Hellfires Web. this is an evil force that grasps the earth with energy, it destroys any types of energy that it engulfs. The World turns to carnage, So the justice league decide it is time to intervene. The battle commenced in Olympus, where Wonder women and Captain marvel are fighting to the death. We see the justice league preparing for war. The final scene we are brought back to Antarctica, the little monster releasing the God of Pain. And The War Continues.