What If... The Avengers had become pawns of Korvac? (vol 1) #32 VF

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An epic saga written and drawn by Mark Gruenwald with finishes by Greg LaRocque spinning out of the pages of The Avengers #177. The story focuses on Michael Korvac and his attempts to conquer the Universe. Although still overlooked to this day, this story explores and raises many concepts and themes that would resurface in future iconic stories such as The Infinity Gauntlet and particularly Heart of the Infinite.This issue is also notable for featuring an enormous roster of guest inkers, some of whom were incredibly big names at the time, each contributing one panels worth of inking work. The inkers and their appropriate work is credited in the letters column. Issue SummaryThis issue deals with what would have happened to Korvac had Carina actually shown she believed in him and Korvac hadn’t committed suicide.Korvac kills the avengers, Odin and Zeus vow to come to earth to avenge Thor and Hercules respectively, but they are sealed off by Korvac, which eventually seals off every extra-dimensional reality from Earth. He then obliterates Dr. Strange, Phoenix and Silver Surfer. He then goes to meet the celestial, Arishiem of their reality, read his mind and leave without a fight. He then resurrects the Avengers and sends them to kill Utau, but Utau escapes, who goes to his planet to ally other watchers but they refuse to join him. He then goes to meet the greatest powers of the universe in the form of : The Gardner, Shaper, The Living Tribunal, Master Order, Stranger, Galactus and Grandmaster. Living Tribunal sends Galactus and Gardner to confront Korvac, but Korvac knowing what is going to happen sends his avengers to fight the two. Avengers are on the losing side, Vision and Hercules get killed. Korvac on the other hand has absorbed the powers of high evolutionary. He is then confronted by Shaper and Grandmaster. Korvac kills Grandmaster and allies himself with Shaper. Knowing that Avengers are losing against Galactus and Gardner , Korvac sends Captain America to Galactus...

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