The New Mutants #73 NM

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Sym stood on Darkchilde's body as he reached for her Soulsword.  She forced him out of the window behind them and sent him crashing down onto the street.  She leapt upon Sym and cut his head off.  However, he was able to pull himself back together thanks to the transmode virus.  He continued to push his attack on her, but her spells sent him backwards into the wall.  The fight raged on.Near Times Square, Mirage, Rusty & Skids watched their team-mates fly off.  However, the buildings and the road became animated and attacked them.  Far from powerless, the X-Terminators & New Mutants used their own mutant abilities to destroy anything that attacked them.  Meanwhile below Colossus marched through the streets.  He interrogated minor demons to discover the location of his sister, but discovered that Sym had overthrown Limbo.  Caught unawares, the demons then piled onto Colossus. And on the rooftop of the Hellfire Club, the Inner Circle battled demons.  Magneto was confronted by N'astirh who offered a pact to rule the Earth between them.  N'astirh then informed Magneto of the battle for power that over-threw Darkchilde's rule.  The New Mutants flew by overheard and saw Magneto discussing matters with N'astirh.  They realised that they were most likely making a deal, and flew on determined to have nothing to do with their headmaster any more. Sym's battle with the Darkchilde was interrupted when Colossus' armoured body was thrown into the battle.  Sym threatened to kill Colossus for a second time, and even though she wasn't sure if he really was her brother Darkchilde fought to protect him.  The flashes from the fight were seen by the combined New Mutants & X-Terminators over head.  They flew closer and were surprised to see Darkchilde completely wrapped in her Eldritch Armour.  However, they crashed into a local possessed pawn shop.  Suddenly Sym fell backwards through the window with Colossus pushing crushing him.