Aquaman (vol 1) #27 GD

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At the base of a lighthouse, Aqualad awaits the arrival of Aquaman and Mera. The old lighthouse keeper directs Aqualad's attention out to sea, where an enormous wave has formed into a giant saw. The wave crashes into the lighthouse, cutting it in half. As it topples, it is caught in an airborne cushion of water, that then moves out to sea, carrying the lighthouse. Aqualad dives into the ocean to follow it. He finds that the water stream carrying the lighthouse is being controlled by Mera. As it nears her position, she and Aquaman spy the lighthouse keeper hanging on for dear life. Mera flings him into the sea. Aqualad sends the octopus, Topo, to rescue the old man, and return him to shore. Confronting his friends on their menacing actions, Aqualad is quickly scooped up in a hard water "spoon", created by Mera. Aqualad dives out of the shallow ladle, only to find a much deeper hard water cup descending on him. At the last moment, the "cup" is shattered by another hard water object, and Aqualad dives deep beneath the waves to safety. He is met by the real Aquaman and Mera. Mera projects an immense hard water fortress atop the waves, from which Aqualad mounts an attack on the doppelgangers. Engaging Aqualad, the Mera duplicate's hard water constructs begin to shatter the walls of Aqualad's "fortress". The copy King and Queen of Atlantis, however, are surprised by Aquaman and Mera, who have flanked them and struck from the rear. Aquaman and Mera grapple with their duplicates. Suddenly, the duplicates fade away. In their place, standing on a floating platform, is a sinister alien, pointing his weapon at the monarchs of Atlantis.The alien identifies himself as Xen, an intergalactic aquarium owner. He has come to collect Aquaman, Mera, and Aqualad as specimens for his exhibits. Focusing his duplicating ray gun on them, Xen creates giant energy duplicates of the three heroes, and sends them to collect his prize. The heroes dive deep, and once below the waves, Aquaman summons...