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In a decaying, post war New York Darrian Ashoka and his friend Jaynis Goldbaum venture down into Times Square to join a huge melee battle between humans, demons and angels looking for spoils.Darrian is distracted mid battle by the presence of a tear streaked red-head in a door way. With Jaynis nowhere to be found he follows he up onto the roof. they embrace and Dawn speaks to him as if she knows him as an angel is slaughtered for his halo on the roof opposite.They sleep together and Darrian reveals the sword he uses is his fathers and the red-head tells him her name is Dawn and asks if he has ever been to the cathedral.The next day Dawn is gone and Jaynis is still looting the square and is dismissive of Darrian's criticism of their friendship. An old flame Adelle asks where he is going and he tells her the cathedral. On arrival there is a long queue for entry so Darrian scales the tower to peer inside. Guards arrive and they do battle and in the face over overwhelming odds Darrian Jumps from the tower.He wakes on the shore of the beach, his fathers sword broken.