Marvel Team-Up (vol 1) #150 featuring Spider-Man and Uncanny X-Men NM

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Tis Better To Give!" Double-sized issue. Guest-starring Spider-Man and the X-Men. Script by Louise Simonson. Pencils by Greg LaRocque. Inks by Mike Esposito. Cover by Barry Windsor-Smith. It's the grand finale of the Marvel Team-Up series! Cain Marko has a wonderful birthday gift for his friend, Black Tom Cassidy: the awesome Ruby of Cyttorak! But Cain doesn't know that Tom's touching of the ruby will actually split the Juggernaut's power in two...and create a pair of half-powered juggernauts! When Black Tom and the Juggernaut realize what's happened, they decide to make the best of it...and trash the Spectacular Spider-Man! The wall-crawler needs help, perhaps some uncanny help, and he needs it fast! Auspiciously, the X-Men arrive on the scene! And the super showdown begins: Colossus, Nightcrawler, Rachel Summers, Rogue, and the amazing one vs. the twin juggernauts! (Notes: The web-slinger and the Juggernaut previously battled in Amazing Spider-Man 229 and 230. The Juggernaut appears next in Uncanny X-men 194. Beginning in April 1985, the Web of Spider-Man title replaced the bronze age Marvel Team-Up title as the third regular series for Spider-Man.

  • Double-sized final issue; Comic cancelled to make way for Web of Spider-Man.

Continuity Notes

  1.  These new neighbors moved into Peter's apartment building in Peter Parker, The Spectacular Spider-Man #99.
  2.  Aunt May has been upset with Peter since he told her that he quit grad school in Amazing Spider-Man #253.
  3.  The Juggernaut's attempt to capture Madam Webb was foiled by Spider-Man in Amazing Spider-Man #230.
  4.  Cain Marko discovered the temple back when he was in the military, as detailed in X-Men #13.
  5.  Rachel Summers comes from the future of Earth-811, a reality where the Sentinels rule North America. Thanks to Rachel and her allies, that terrible future was diverged from Earth-616, as seen in X-Men #141–142. Rachel later escaped from that future to the past in Uncanny X-Men #184, and quickly discovered that this time is much different from her own past.
  6.  Cannonball's hat purchase was chronicled last issue.
  7.  Spider-Man obtained this costume in Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars #8.
  8.  Spider-Man discovered that his old costume was alive and turned it over to the Fantastic Four for study in Amazing Spider-Man #258.
  9.  At the time of this story Liz Osborn is pregnant with her and Harry's son, Norman, who will be born in Amazing Spider-Man #263.
  10.  Mary Jane revealed that she has known Peter is really Spider-Man in Amazing Spider-Man #259. She has known for years, as revealed in Marvel Graphic Novel #46.
  11.  Spider-Man clashed with the X-Men when they decided to side with Magneto during the Secret Wars, as seen in Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars #3.
  12.  Colossus mentions how he recently discovered that Black Tom's blasts don't harm him in his organic steel form. He learned this in Spider-Woman #38.