Marvel Triple Action (vol 1) #4 FN

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Reprints: Fantastic Four #60 This issue opens with the Fantastic Four (minus Johnny) watching a video of Doctor Doom using the Silver Surfer's powers, which he's stolen. As Ben starts saying that they should be going after him, Wyatt Wingfoot comes in and tells them that Johnny's gone after Doom by himself (as he was planning to last issue). The scene cuts to Johnny attacking Doom, planning to use his speed to avoid Doom until he's down and out. Despite his best efforts, Johnny is defeated.Shortly afterwards, the Fantastic Four go to attack Doctor Doom themselves, with Reed having finished the device he was working on last issue. Whilst Reed and Sue land the plane they flew in, the Thing fights Doom, but starts having difficulties. After Reed and Sue have finished, Sue starts wondering how they're going to stop Doom, with Reed pointing out that the device he was working on is in the hands of the army, and that if they can use it against Doom he'll be defeated. Whilst heading towards Doom, they find Johnny, who agrees to fight alongside them now that he's had a chance to recover.After a long fight, during which the Fantastic Four try some pretty impressive tactics to stop Doom, Doom reveals that he has the power to completely disintegrate any living matter. However, as he is about to use it on the Fantastic Four, the Anti-Cosmic Flying Wing Reed built a prototype of last issue arrives and strikes Doom before flying off into the atmosphere. Doom flies after it, with Reed saying that everything is going to plan. There's suddenly a large flash, and Reed says that Doom's power must be gone, as he would have flown past the barrier Galactus put around Earth to stop the Silver Surfer from escaping. The Surfer's board then flies back to the castle he's imprisoned in.