Supergirl (vol 2) #1 VF

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The first issue in this Supergirl series opens up to Linda Danvers riding a train to the city of Chicago, she is relaxing and talking to her neighbor Mr. Wainwright. She momentarily steps out on Mr. Wainwright, because she has an emergency that she must answer as Supergirl. Supergirl rushes to thwart a potentially horrible accident at a nearby steel factory. After she saves the day at the factory, she flies back to her seat next to Mr. Wainwright on the train.She is glad to find out that Mr. Wainwright is fast asleep by the time she gets back from stepping out for a moment. She can now relax with just her and her thoughts about her origination, her parents, her Kryptonian home and its destruction, and her responsibilities as Supergirl. Her mind was occupied by these memories and thoughts as her train finally arrives in Chicago.We now meet Gayle Marsh and Mr. Pendergast. They are discussing the issues of violence, drugs, and other rotten things that are going on in Chicago nowadays. Mr. Pendergast says that all of these things that are happening are signs of the Decay. Mr. Pendergast tells Gayle that they have seen that the Decay has brought the world to the inevitable brink. Mr. Pendergast tells Gayle that they are lucky to have been able to isolate the Decay to Chicago. Mr. Pendergast’s object for Gayle Marsh is revealed when he expresses that she must destroy the Decay of Chicago. However, Gayle Marsh expresses that she gets so afraid whenever she thinks about her mission.As Linda Danvers arrives in Chicago, she grabs a taxi to take her to her final destination. Her final destination is her embarkation to her college career at the Lake Shore University.Her first action is to head for the registration office. In the registration office she meets Joan Raymond, who helps her find a place to live while she goes to school. As she is being pulled by her arm by Joan she accidentally bumps into a mysterious woman.