Teen Titans (vol 1) #36 VF

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The Tomb Be Their Destiny! Robin, the Teen Wonder, Speedy, Wonder Girl, and Mister Jupiter stand in the fabled crypt of the Capulets, the final resting place of Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet. The Teen Titans had accompanied Mister Jupiter to Verona, to set up an Italian branch of Jupiter Labs. Almost immediately, Lilith began acting strangely. She claimed to recognize the very balcony Juliet stood upon, when Romeo professed his love to her. Donato Della Loggia, a powerful Italian magnate, warned Jupiter not to establish ties in Italy. Lilith met Della Loggia's son, Romeo, at a costumed ball, and fell madly in love with him. In a jealous rage, Kid Flash attacked Romeo. Later that evening, Kid Flash is stabbed in the street by a hunchbacked member of the Della Loggia clan. In the midst of giving Kid Flash a life saving blood transfusion, Robin over hears Kid Flash speak Mercutio's lines from Shakespeare's play.Speedy points out that there are three slabs in the crypt, not merely two. Speedy is startled to discover that one of burial slabs still feels warm. Wonder Girl spies the hunchback standing in the shadows, just before the entryway to the crypt collapses. Jupiter, and the Teen Titans, are buried alive. The hunchback drags the unconscious bodies of Romeo and Lilith into a boat, and sails across the river, to a mist-enshrouded island. Della Loggia receives news from his nephew, Calibano, regarding the attack on Kid Flash, as well as Romeo and Lilith's disappearance. Della Loggia orders Calibano to return Romeo to him. On the island, Romeo and Lilith find they are the prisoners of Calibano's ancestor, the hunchback, also called "Calibano".Reading his mind, Lilith learns that this Calibano also coveted Juliet's heart. Calibano confronted the two lovers in the Capulet crypt, and slew Romeo, during a sword fight. Calibano turned to see that Juliet had taken her own life, rather than live without Romeo. Refusing to let her go, Calibano sprawled out on the third funeral...