The Brave and the Bold presents Starman and Black Canary (vol 1) #62 VG

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Origin of Starman and Black Canary.
At the annual Sportsman's Show in Federal City, a life size wax figurine shatters to reveal the Sportsmaster. Garbed in fishing attire, the Sportsmaster uses a rod and reel to snag the famous Parker Trophy from across the room. A second cast of his reel shatters the wax tennis player figurine, which explodes into a hail of tennis balls, bombarding the crowd. The third cast of his reel shatters the wax bowler figurine, which unleashes bowling balls into the crowd, taking out the security forces. The Sportsmaster changes from his fishing attire into ski wear, then takes to the skies on jet powered skis. On site during the theft is Dinah Drake Lance, who gives pursuit as the Black Canary. Nearby, at his palatial estate in Federal City, Ted Knight admires the grandeur of his astronomical gardens, peppered with replicas of famous, historical observatories. A cry for help from the still unfinished Pekin Observatory brings Knight racing in to investigate. Donning his Starman garb, Knight swiftly locates the source of the distress call, his old comrade Wildcat, caged and unconscious. Unbeknownst to Starman, he is being observed from the shadows by the Huntress, who unleashes a flock of hunting falcons on the Astral Avenger. With the power of his cosmic rod, Starman pulls a meteor down from orbit, shattering it to rain debris on the flock. At the behest of the Huntress, the falcons regroup only to have Starman imprison several of them in cubes of pure astral force. The ones that escape run headlong into a barrier drawn by the cosmic rod from the Aurora Borealis. The Huntress flees with Starman in hot pursuit.Spying Starman closing in on the Huntress, the Sportsmaster javelin throws one of his jet skies at the Astral Avenger. The impact knocks Starman, unconscious, from the sky. As the Sportsmaster turns away from the downed hero, Black Canary tackles him, then flips him with a judo maneuver.