The Uncanny X-Men (vol 1) #137 NM

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The Watcher starts this issue talking about Phoenix background - this only should be a warning that this issue is special for Marvel Universe. The X-Men were transported from Earth last issue, and now find themselves on a Shi’ar ship in the presence of Lilandra, Araki and Gladiator. The X-Men are ordered by Lilandra to hand over Jean, as she is a threat to the whole universe. Gladiator tells everyone what the Phoenix had done to an entire world after destroying a star. Xavier challenges Lilandra to a duel for the life of Jean Grey. After Lilandra talks to her allies at this subject - the Supreme Intelligence from the Krees and Empress R'Kll from the Skrulls, she acept the challenge.The X-Men have one night to rest before the battle of their lifes. Jean is alone at her room and thinks...