Warlock and the Infinity Watch #15 NM

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Eternity awakes Adam Warlock from his Coma because he will be needed. In order to do so Warlock is merged with his past Aspects ("the hapless Child" (Him), "the blind Idealist" (when he was on Counter-Earth), "the bitter Cynic" (while battling the Universal Church of Truth" and "the corrupt Tomorrow (Magus)) to become complete, though Warlock tries to resist Eternity in that matter.
Eternity gives Warlock the Warning that, in the not so distant future, he will encounter five beings of various astral importance:

    One Being in need of a Soul
    One entangled in a Web of Past and Future Woes
    One who's trust Warlock will betray
    One who will touch Warlock's Heart
    One that is the terrible Good within Warlock

These will be Count Abyss who sold his Soul, Maxam who comes from the Future to kill Warlock but suffers from Amnesia when he arrives, probably Darklore for falling in love with his Wife Maya, Maya which whom he falls in Love, and of course the Goddess
Eternity gives Warlock an Orb to help him.