What If... Spider-Man's clone lived? (vol 1) #30 VF

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"What If...Spider-Man's Clone had Survived?" Script by Bill Flanagan. Art by Rich Buckler (breakdowns), Jim Mooney (finishes), and Pablo Marcos (finishes). Cover by Bob Layton. In the classic Amazing Spider-Man 149, the Spider-Clone perished in battle vs. the Jackal. But now the Watcher presents an alternate reality in which Spider-Man's clone survives the harrowing encounter at Shea Stadium that fateful afternoon. After the explosion that killed the Jackal, the Spider-Clone frees Ned Leeds, scoops up the other web-slinger, and asks the Gwen Stacy clone to call the police! The Spider-Clone takes the real Spider-Man back to Professor Warren's laboratory for safekeeping! In the days ahead, the clone attempts to resume Peter Parker's normal life, but his awkward encounters with Joe Robertson, Betty Brant, and Glory Grant make him realize that something is terribly wrong! Once the clone comes to grips with his true self, he frees the genuine wall-crawler! And together Spider-Man and the Spider-Clone fight and defeat the Kingpin! It looks like the start of a beautiful friendship! Flashback cameos by Gwen Stacy and the Green Goblin. Backup story: "Moving Day!" Script by Peter Gillis. Art by Ron Wilson (breakdowns) and Joe Sinnott (finishes). In this untold tale of the Marvel Universe, the Inhumans pack up and move the Great Refuge to the Himalayan Mountains! Appearances by Black Bolt, Medusa, Karnak, Gorgon, Crystal, and the Eternals. (Notes: The original clone saga took place in Amazing Spider-Man 141-151. Many years later this What If story became reality in the mainstream Marvel Universe via the controversial second clone saga that ran through the Spider-Man titles from 1994 to 1996. Both stories were reprinted in 2008 in the trade paperback: What If? Classic 5.) 48 pages. Cover price $0.75.