Action Comics #687 Variant

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The form of a man made up of red energy awakens in a facility in the Arctic having the memories of Superman and heads to Metropolis! Reports of Superman's return spread rapidly, but is this really Superman back from the dead?


Variant information-Die-cut cover by Jackson Guice; 687N cover by Kerry Gammill and Jackson Guice. Beginning the 'Reign of the Supermen,' continued from Adventures of Superman (1939) #500. The Last Son of Krypton returns to action, and this Superman has no qualms about taking a human long as it's the right thing to do! Also, Pa Kent reacts to Superman's tougher techniques. Bound into the center of this issue is a double-page miniposter of Superman, printed on cover stock. Written by Roger Stern, with art by Jackson Guice and Denis Rodier.