Captain America #114 FN

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As Steve Rogers searches for a new identity for Cap, the Mighty Avengers are gathered in a suite high above the very street that a brooding Rogers walks! The Black Panther tells the assembled Avengers present that the lone figure down there is in fact Captain America! They all know that he will contact them when the time is right. Steve doffs his overcoat, suits up as Cap, and enters a barber shop. As he enters he exclaims that he must see Nick Fury! The barber has Cap take a sear, fogs the windows, and proceeds to lower the barber chair into the floor...? This is no ordinary barber shop!! This is the entrance to SHIELD's top secret New York base !! Rick Jones is already there, and as he greets Cap, Fury plays a taped message from Sharon Carter(Agent 13). She is set to attack an A.I.M. base, still mourning the loss of Steve Rogers. Agent 13 attacks - alone - and as a huge robot crashes thru a wall to get her, Cap and Rick Jones come to her rescue. Sharon is overjoyed to see Cap alive, and the three of them work together to subdue this metal behemoth! The fighting is brutal with both sides advancing to a victory. Ultimately good trounces evil, and after the robots defeat, Fury and SHIELD show up for clean-up. Cap realizes the ever present danger involved with all of this, and asks Sharon to resign, as he fears for her safety constantly. She says she can't, she won't, and to please never ask her that again. Cap leaves, and later, tries a new disguise and tries to get a hotel room. He ends up in a $10.00 a week dive, and as he contemplates his next move, something happens. As the room shifts and time seems to slide, the Red Skull materializes. He has regained the Cosmic Cube, and has used it to find Cap in his apartment.