Captain America (vol 1) #293 VG

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"Field of Vision"

Mother Superior shows Baron Zemo a simulation of mankind's bloody history to prepare him for her father's schemes. In Virginia, Captain America visits old friend Dave Cox and his family. Meanwhile. Red Skull interrupts a sparring session between Zemo and Mother Superior, and then assaults Zemo for questioning him. Dave dissuades Cap's fears that marrying Bernie would disrespect Sharon Carter's memory. Once Cap departs, Mother Superior abducts Dave and brainwashes him into rejecting his pacifistic ideals. The next night, Cap and Nomad discuss Cap's experiences on Battleworld. Bernie's proposal and Dave's pacifism, the latter of which Nomad dismisses as cow; The pair intervene in an armed robbery, but Cap angrily and publicly admonishes Nomad for using excessive force. Nomad storms off and Cap follows, only to find Nomad barely conscious on a nearby fire escape. A costumed and bloodthirsty Dave Cox, calling himself the Slayer, attacks Cap. Though the heroes initially fend him off, the Slayer knocks Cap out with his mace, leaving Nomad to face the Slayer alone.