Captain Marvel #26 FN

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First Thanos on a cover.

First appearance of Death.

Captain Marvel enters Lou-Ann's apartment to ask her why she betrayed he and Rick Jones in the previous issue. Lou-Ann then tells him a story about Titan, Thanos and his army of alien warriors. She also tells about the mind controller device that Thanos installed in some of the most important men on Earth to conquer it, as well as Lou-Ann, before attacking Marvel with a ray-gun. Meanwhile at some place of the Universe, the Super-Skrull and Skragg are watching everything and controlling Lou-Ann movements and words. It is then revealed that Thanos is the master behind the Skrulls. He sends the Super-Skrull disguised as Human Torch to attack the Thing. He sends Thing to the same address where Lou-Ann send Rick Jones. At the place, Thing and Captain Marvel fight each other, both thinking that the other is actually the Super-Skrull. Skragg blocks Thing's ability to talk, so he can't explain himself to Marvel. The two heroes keep fighting until Marvel is about to kill the Thing, when he recovers his voice and explains the situation. After Skragg's plan fails, he is executed. At the end, Thanos reveals himself, saying that Rick Jones has the information he needs. Thanos kidnaps Rick Jones and disappears, leaving Thing behind.