Ghost Rider #37 Newsstand Edition VF

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"Forward to the Shadows!" Guest starring Archangel. Seeking to stop the Firm's rash of attacks against him, Ghost Rider flushes out Heart Attack and a squad of Firm agents at Cypress Hill Cemetery. Ghost Rider learns that the Firm seeks to make him into their killing machine. As he watches the fight from the Firm's headquarters, Stern reports to his shadowy boss, who insists on being addressed as Stern's master. Realizing that it was the Firm, not Ghost Rider, who killed her people, Heart Attack leaves the battle, intent on killing Stern. The X-Man Archangel spots the fight and helps Ghost Rider rout the Firm agents, who retreat to their hospital-base, leading the heroes right to Stern. Ghost Rider gives Stern the penance stare and leaves him incapacitated. Once they depart the Firm's master appears on a monitor, claiming the Firm agents' souls and killing Stern. Heart Attack arrives in time to witness this act, angry that her vengeance was denied, and the Firm's master takes her too, sending out tendrils of blackness that pull her through the monitor screen.