Justice League of America #56 FN

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"The Negative-Crisis on Earths One-Two!"

The combined forces of the Justice Society of America and the Justice League of America, begin putting their heads together to find a way to defeat How Chu, Money Master, Gem Girl, and Smashing Sportsman. They come up with a different approach, as not all the black spheres were absorbed, they decide to find the ones that died when they were not absorbed into a human and absorb it into various members of the group to try and find some sort of weakness in the spheres.

Finding remnants of the dead spheres, the JSA and JLA charge Wonder Woman, Hour Man, Flash and Green Lantern with the energies and set them loose to battle the others. Superman and Robin manage to defeat the negative energy in Hourman with water and go to take on Smashing Sportsman. While Green Arrow and Hawkman defeat Flash with Wisteria plant and go after How Chu. Wildcat and Mr. Terrific manage to defeat Green Lantern with wood and go after Money Master. Finally. Johnny Thunder and his Thunderbolt defeat Wonder Woman with humor and go after Gem Girl.

Before the other heroes can stop their opponents, Johnny Thunder is able to defeat them all with his jokes. With the menace of Earth-Two ended, Johnny writes up some jokes that the Justice League can use against their opponents on Earth-One