Marvel Two-in-One presents the Thing and the Golem #11 VF

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The cover blurb says "End Of A Legend!" but the splash page has the title "The Thing Goes South." Ben Grimm uses his super strength to hold up a train he and girlfriend Alicia Masters have to catch to get to Disneyworld. Using his powers in this way makes The Thing shunned by the people on the train- he is treated like a monster once again. Meanwhile at San Pedro University THE GOLEM is under examination by a team led by by Professor Yeates. The Golem has protected Yeates and his team from demonic attack several times. The Golem is discovered to activate due to love- when people it loves are in danger, it comes to life. Otherwise it is a lifeless statue. All of this discovery is monitored in the netherworlds by the demon leader Kaballa. Back on the train, Ben hears on the radio that a tidal wave has flooded part of St. Petersburg. He also hears that the water is preventing rescue crews from reaching San Pedro University. Ben jumps from the train with Alicia so he can help in the crisis. The Thing encounters the Golem. After the obligatory slugfest the real villain is revealed to be the demon Kaballa and after another slugfest the demon flees rather than face the Golem alone.