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Cover by Joe Kubert. 1st appearance of Nightmaster in "Some Forbidden Fate," script by Denny O'Neil, pencils by Jerry Grandenetti, inks by Dick Giordano; Jim Rook, lead guitarist of the Electrics, is performing at the Electric Band Aid, a club in the East Village. When the set is done, Jim is accosted by three thugs who did not like his music or his politics. They fight, and Jim manages to knock them out before the police arrive; He and his fiancée Janny Jones leave, when they come across an empty store called "Oblivion, Inc". Jim is puzzled, as he thought that the store was a deserted lot the other day; Jim and Janny enter, and are transported to another world. Jim appears on the alien world called Myrra. He meets a small blue humanoid named King Zolto, the king of Myrra. Jim gazes into Zoltos mystic gem, and finds out that, ages ago, there were two warriors, Nacht and Brom. A magician, Farber, created the Sword of Night for Nacht and the Mace of Might for Brom. Brom became greedy, and with Farber, they plotted to slay the king and Nacht. Nacht defeated Brom, but Farber banished Nacht, leaving the Sword of Truth wedged in stone. Farbers rule corrupted Myrra for generations, transforming the humans into the blue dwarfs that now inhabit the world. Zolto has been seeking Nachts descendants to begin to wield the Sword of Night and free Myrra, and Jim Rook is that descendant. 36 Pages, Full Color. Cover price $0.12.