Star Trek: Deep Space Nine - Hearts and Minds #1 Hologram Cover NM

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A fleet of Klingon battle cruisers and destroyers arrives at DS9. Their commander informs Sisko that they will protect DS9 in the war with the Cardassians. Sisko learns about the Klingon ship destroyed in the Gamma Quadrant and informs Starfleet. The Federation dispatches a Betazoid negotiator to resolve the conflict and instructs Sisko to hold things together until his arrival. Sisko sends Dax, Bashir, and a Klingon officer to the Gamma Quadrant to find the destroyed vessel's flight recorder. Meanwhile, Quark is taking over the station's comm channels to advertise his bar and a mysterious woman worms her way into his confidence. Shortly after Gul Dukat arrives at DS9, the Betazoid mediator arrives and his ship explodes, leaving Sisko to deal with angry Klingons and Cardassians.