The Avengers (vol 1) #33 FN

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"To Smash a Serpent"

With Captain America being held hostage, the Avengers can't attack the the Sons of the Serpents. Because of this, Bill Foster storms out of Goliath's lab.  Captain America seems to have been brainwashed by the Sons, turning him into a fascist. The Avengers attend a Sons of the Serpent meeting while Hawkeye and the Black Widow attempt a rescue mission to save Captain America. During the meeting, Goliath argues with the Sons of the Serpent, but is attacked by a brainwashed Captain America.  After a brief battle, Goliath follows the escaping Serpents to their ship. The Black Widow finds the real Captain America captive and rescues him. They capture the Sons of the Serpent and their leader turns out to be General Chen.