The Incredible Hulk #372 VF

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Prometheus continues his high speed pursuit of Banner across the country, while Bruce attempts to see Betty but is rebuffed by one of the sisters as being a report. He then scales the fence to gain access to the covenant but is spotted by a child who goes to tell of the intruder, he's then forced into hiding in a confessional during which Betty delivers her confession spurring him to move on for own sake. Betty shortly after leaves the convent which Bruce sees and learns her destination, stealing a man's car in the process to catch up to her. He however is ran off the road by Prometheus as he attempts to capture him, infuriating him after which he transforms into the Green Hulk. Hulk then begins to battle during which he gets the better of the car and forcing it into a retreat, he then reverts back to Bruce and chases the train although he is to late to catch up. A devastated Bruce then is met by Betty, who didn't board the train because of a feeling, ending with the two embracing for a passionate kiss.