Uncanny X-Men #158 VF

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Second appearance of Rogue.

Storm, Wolverine, and Carol Danvers sneak into the Pentagon, but find Rogue in the halls of power!

The Starjammers are working out with Carol Danvers, who lost her mutant powers to Rogue but is still in extraordinary shape, thanks to her modified genes. Scott introduces Corsair to Alex as their father. The X-Men see a TV interview interview with Senator Kelly that leads them to believe the government will soon start investigating mutants. Moira tells everyone that Charles worked with the government when he first created the X-Men (with the FBI agent Fred Duncan), and that the government has records of all of them! Carol, Ororo, and Logan sneak into the Pentagon under false papers and erase the records. However, while they're there they run into Mystique (hiding under her Raven Darkholme persona) and Rogue, and several battles unsue. At the end, Carol erases her and the X-Men files from the Pentagon's computers, Rogue sneaks away and Mystique gets arrested.