Uncanny X-Men #159 VF

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The immortal Dracula attempts to make Storm his undead bride. But Ororo isn't going to be turned to a vampire without a fight.

The X-Men Colossus, Nightcrawler, Sprite, Storm and Wolverine suddenly enters Misty Knight's apartment in NY, but they find her roommate Harmony Young instead. After a brief explanation, she allow them stay there for a while. Kitty has to visit her parents and Ororo goes with her, but never comes back. She is attacked and sent to the hospital with severe injuries at her neck. She left hospital even after the doctor saying not to and stay in her bedroom for two days.

When Kitty gets back she realizes that Storm has become sensitive to sun light, afraid to her Jewish-Star necklace and with injuries at her neck...Then Dracula appears at Storm's room, Kitty was watching and attacks him, but Dracula and Storm flies away together.

Kitty explains everything to the X-Men and Wolverine manages to find Storm at Belvedere's Castle in Central Park. There they are attacked by Dracula himself and some wild dogs. While they fight Dracula, Kitty enters the Castle looking for Storm but is attacked by her transformed into a vampire. Then Kitty tells Ororo to resist and if she really loves her, she couldn't kill her and the X-Men. That works and Storm attacks Dracula. After a fight where Dracula changes into a human bat, he says that he really likes Ororo and will let her alive for now. Then he flies away in the night.

At the end the X-Men go back to Misty's place and get a call from Moira, telling that Professor X had got worse.