A World Without Heroes : The Story of Kiss and the Talismans Missing CD

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Missing CD

Author Dale Sherman and the producers of the KAOL KISS Tribute CDs bring the KISS Army to the next level with THE most unique fan created package ever to honor a rock and roll band. This story is required reading for every KISS fan in the ranks and the new music is a must for your collection. Based in part on both the concept album "The Elder" and the 1978 NBC TV movie, "KISS Meets The Phantom of The Park" , both truth and fiction come together as we re-visit the band from their early days on the streets of New York to their fictional encounters with the magical Talismans, all in a true to life timeline of events. Inside you'll find the first full length Soundtrack to accompany a novel! Similar to that of a motion picture Soundtrack, each and every chapter is represented by a carefully chosen KISS song to follow the storyline. A musical journey re-created by artists all over the world, this disc makes for a KISS Tribute CD like no other. 100% of all profits from this package will be donated to the Children's Hospital of Wisconsin in the dame of the KISS Army Online and in memory of late KISS drummer Eric Carr. Why was KISS chosen for the Talismans? Can Ace change the dark destiny as foretold by the Elders? Can Eric or Peter save the day or will Blackwell destroy KISS? The answers lie inside as does the music of a generation. Experience KISS like you never have before!

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