Aliens: Music of the Spears #1-4 Complete Set NM

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1. Little-known and under-appreciated composer Damon Eddington wants to hatch an Alien egg so he can nurture the Alien in captivity and capture its sounds of hatred and pain for the ultimate concert -- sounds of rage made from "a mouthful of spears." In this first of a four-issue series, Damon's corporate patron, Synsound, has taken on the responsibility of procuring the egg for him, a task that will lead to more excitement than the team of ninjas assigned to it were planning on.

2. Composer Damon Eddington's plan is to breed an Alien in captivity so he can stimulate and entice it into a rage -- just for "the pure sound of it." He starts by feeding terrified and utterly defenseless dogs and cats to the beast, but it hardly makes a sound while dispatching them in an instant. Maybe some larger and more voracious predatory animals would put up a better struggle... ? But as Damon daydreams about other more nefarious uses for his pet, he finally realizes that in order to achieve the sounds he wants, he's going to need the ultimate predators to face off against the Alien -- humans!

 3. Normal faceless human guinea pigs aren't proving to be any more adept at drawing the necessary screams out of Damon Eddington's pet alien, Mozart, than any of the other animals were. Damon, increasingly dependent on the addictive and mind-muddling alien jelly, schemes to trap his cohort, Darcy Vance, as fodder for Mozart's murderous desires. Darcy's parry with Mozart provides minimal satisfaction for Damon, who's seeking nothing but the ultimate love and death cry of anguish from the alien to record for his symphony. But the jelly is affecting Damon's reasoning, and he may be ready to overstep the bounds of reason in his pursuit of the apocalyptic scream...

4. Mozart, Damon Eddington's "pet" alien, has yet to produce the sounds he desires for his ultimate symphony. Even the humans he tried using to stimulate Mozart didn't satisfy Damon's needs. Now it appears Damon himself may be the guinea pig that finally gets Mozart to scream his ultimate "music of the spears." Suffice it to say, Mozart puts on the impromptu performance of a lifetime -- and the Presley Hall audience eats it up -- in this concluding chapter to Dark Horse's latest Aliens gore-fest.