Batman: Two-Face Strikes Twice #1 and 2 NM

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1. Flip-Book - Batman and Two-Face face off against one another across the decades in BATMAN: TWO-FACE STRIKES TWICE. This special 'flip-book' miniseries contains two related encounters between Batman and his duality-obsessed adversary, Two-Face, with two exciting covers on each issue! The stories in BATMAN: TWO-FACE STRIKES TWICE are presented in two distinct styles, with the first half of each issue a tribute to the Batman stories of the Golden Age, adopting the classic style of that era to chronicle one of the Dark Knight's earliest encounters with Two-Face. On the 'flip side' of each issue is a sequel to the Golden Age tale, set in the present day and directly related to the earlier story.

2. Two-Face Strikes Back epitomizes this Batman villain's character in its very format. It's a set of two graphic novels, published as a flip-book. One side gives a classic Two-Face story drawn in the style of the Golden Age. The other is a more contemporary tale featuring modern, painted art.