Captain Marvel (vol 1) #46 VF

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First 30-cent cover price. Cover art by Al Milgrom. "Only One Can Win!", script by Steve Englehart (co-plot); Al Milgrom (co-plot) and Chris Claremont (script), pencils by Al Milgrom (breakdowns) and Terry Austin (finished art), inks by Terry Austin; As Mar-Vell, Rick Jones, Fawn, and Rambu fly from Deneb IV to Hala, they're intercepted in orbit over Hala by the Kree dreadnought, the Star of Vengeance; The Supreme Intelligence teleports Rick onto the ship and Mar-Vell to his audience chamber on the planet, threatening each with Supremors, humanoid manifestations of the Supreme Intelligence itself; By forcing them apart, the Supreme Intelligence prevents either Rick or Captain Marvel from drawing the full power of the Nega Bands, ensuring his victory; Meanwhile, Fawn and Rambu sneak onboard the ship to help Rick; The Supremor can't see Fawn, but when she begins to attack him, he realizes that she is another subconscious manifestation of Rick's Destiny Force. 36 pgs., full color. Cover price $0.30.