Daredevil (vol 1) #141 FN

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Third appearance of Bullseye.
We open on Foggy in a phone booth dialing a number. He's focused in the cross hairs of a gun and the narration tells us that he knows the gunman is out there. He's afraid.Stone, the Assassin, takes the shot right as he's kicked by Daredevil. The two start brawling, but the light rain is wreaking havoc with Daredevil's radar sense. Stone has the upper hand till he tackles Daredevil off the roof and the fall through the window of an adjacent building. Out of the rain, Daredevil gains the upper hand. He deftly evades Stone's charge and Stone goes flying out another window to the street below. Daredevil races down to him. He's still alive, but barely. Daredevil questions him about Debbie Harris and who is behind the kidnap plot. Stone mumbles and then passes out. Daredevil then runs to find Foggy who is alive thanks to a bullet proof vest.Later, Matt is back at his law offices with Heather Glenn. The two of them go to see her father now that Stone can't prevent them from doing so. Maxwell Glenn admits having no knowledge of Stone's activities and offers to cooperate fully with Matt. They head back to the office with the employee records to try and find an accomplice for Stone. Heather gets a call from her father asking to meet for lunch. As she leaves a car pulls up out front, rolls down the window and the shiny black barrel of a machine gun pops out.Matt senses all this and tackles Foggy just in time as bullets spray the storefront. Matt runs out of the office and is soon dressed as Daredevil! He follows the car just in time to see the driver leap out as the car rolls off the docks into the water! It's Bullseye!The two tangle and the fight spills over into the water. Bullseye gets out first and by the time DD surfaces he's hiding.We cut to Debbie Harris, tied to a chair as a facially obscured thug tells her there will be no escape from the booby trapped room she's in.We're back on the docks. Daredevil is looking for Bullseye. Bullseye is behind and takes Daredevil down...