Daredevil (vol 1) #43 VF

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Karen Page has decided that she cannot take working at Nelson and Murdock anymore and decided to leave since she and Matt cannot reconcile how they feel for each other. Matt had an opportunity to make her stay but he pushed her away not wanting to risk her life because he's really Daredevil. Not wanting to take out his emotions on somebody else, Daredevil goes on the trail of the Jester in hopes of capturing the criminal. However, while out on patrol, he overhears a radio report of a crook who stole a bag full of Radium.

Finding the crook and stopping him, the Radium has a weird effect on Daredevil, causing him to go berserk. Traveling to Madison Square Gardens he finds that Captain America is having a charity fight with people wanting to step in the ring with him. Daredevil, in a peaked frenzy then attacks the Star-Spangled Avenger, however during the fight the effect of the Radium wears off and Daredevil retreats as quickly as he came in.