Dawn: Three Tiers #1 (of 6) NM

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 2003 marks the return of Dawn in her third series, after a 3-year absence. Artist/writer Joseph Michael Linsner resurrects his modern take on the Goddess of birth and rebirth in this full color, fully-painted 6-issue series. DAWN: THREE TIERS co-stars Darrian Ashoka and picks up his adventures from the end of LUCIFER'S HALO, the first DAWN mini-series.  In a post-apocalyptic, sword & sorcery Europe, Dawn leads Darrian through wars, disasters, fire, duels, and into liaisons which bring him cheek to cheek with the three faces of the Goddess. The spectre of Death, the Horned God, haunts his every step as he tries to come to grips with his own dark destiny. Will he find a balance between his spiritual aspirations and his own dwindling sense of mercy? Find out in THREE TIERS #1.