Detective Comics #554 NM

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New Black Canary costume.

Harvey Bullock investigates suspicious activity at the Gotham Harbor and he summons Commissioner Gordon to the place. Moments later, the Bat-Signal is activated and Batman and Robin go into action.

Batman and the police analyze the evidence and come to the conclusion that there is a large smuggling operation taking place in an ocean liner at the Harbor. In order to capture the criminals, Batman goes underwater while Robin and Bullock approach on a small boat. During their small trip, Bullock interrogates Robin, as he notices there is something different to him from what Bullock can recall, although the Boy Wonder avoids giving away too much information.

When Bullock and Robin reach the ocean liner, they climb to the deck, where they save the crew, but the main criminal jumps out of the ship. Batman gives chase to the criminal, who tries to use explosives against Batman, but all he manages is to destroy the ship's hull.

With the criminals are captured, Batman and the police learn that the crooks were trying to smuggle a person out of Gotham City, unaware that the man had already been sentenced by the law to be deported to his own country on that same ocean liner.